Simple Garden Bag Guidelines

1. Bag not full
Please phone or email the week before your collection date if you don’t feel your bag needs emptying. If we come to your house and the bag is empty a $7.00 (including GST) fee may be incurred to cover our travel costs. In this instance we leave your bag on site allowing you time to fill the bag before the next collection date. You can avoid the travel fee if you contact us and postpone your collection prior to our arrival. 

2. What Can't Be Put In Your Bag?
Your garden bag is strictly for garden waste only. Please do not use the bags for sand, bricks, concrete, food scraps or rubbish like  inorganic materials, e.g. plastics, paper, metal, rocks, junk, pet litter, glass, NO Sanitary Napkins, Nappies or Liners etc. Please note: The customer is responsible for removing offending material ready for clearance before the next collection. 
We are a Green Waste Service NOT a garbage collection.

3. Please do not overfill
It is important that garden bag is not filled above the frame of the bag. The flaps of the bag must be able to be folded over to prevent any waste spilling over on your property during transport. Also, sticks, thorns and other items poking out the top of the bag can be a hazard to our drivers collecting the bag. 
Apple Garden Bags  is committed to offering a quality  service so if you have longer bits (6ft or 1.8m)  of green waste lying around near the bag such as palm fronds and  sticks, we are happy to scoop these up while we’re collecting your bag so your house is left neat and tidy.

4. Please keep the weight to a reasonable limit.
We are very fair with the weight limits we accept, but it is not safe for our drivers to load and move excessively heavy bags. The trolleys we use to transport the bag to our truck are good but an overweight garden bag is a safety issue for our drivers. For example, a full bag of lawn clippings can weigh up to 100kg (dry) or 150kg (wet). Please ensure that all weeds are free of dirt. Again it is a safety issue for our drivers, we do not want them hurting their backs. 
If a bag is overfilled or overweight we will leave a second bag at your property. Waste can then be distributed to both bags and our drivers will return to collect them the following collection date. 

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