Apple Garden Bags collection options

When you order a garden bag you choose a collection cycle that suits your needs, We offer scheduled (2, 4 or 8 weekly), Phone In and Once Off collections. Of course we are all entitled to change our minds, so if you require an extra empty or want to skip a collection, just contact us. You can change your collection frequency to suit your needs or the season.
                                 2 weekly, 
 Best for customer who use our wheelie bin service.
                                        4 weekly,
 our standard service is based on a regular 4 weekly cycle. We will come on the same day of the week every 28 days.
                                8 weekly,
good for smaller properties, also some of our customers opt for an 8 weekly cycle during winter but swap to 4 weekly during the warmer growth months.
                              "Phone in" service,
You call us and let us know when your bag is full. We will collect as soon as possible but timing will depend on where our trucks are at the time.
                                "Once Off"
collections for customers organizing a special clean up. You get a bag and frame  set up, which we collect after 4 weeks, you can request more than one bag for bigger tidy ups, you only pay for bags used and discounts apply if you have 4 or more bags. Conditions apply please phone Luke for details
 We can also set you up with Wheelie Bins if that suits your needs better.

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